Mango Powder Flavor GA1003

Physical Properties

Form : Spray-dried powder.
Colour : Light grey colour powder (Due to natural characteristic, colour fade during prolong storage).
Odour : Characteristic of natural Mango.
Taste : Characteristic of natural Mango.

Label Properties

Mango juice and maltodextrin as carrier.

Chemical Properties

Moisture : not more than 6%.
PH (1:3) : 4 –6

Microbiological Properties

Total Plate Count : <10000 cfu/g.
E.coli : <10 MPN/g.
Coliform : <10 MPN/g.
Yeast & Mold : <100 cfu/g.
Microorganisms of public Health concern : None.

Other Properties

Application : Seasoning mixes, beverage, bakery, cereal and all food related industries.
Dosage : To make single strength, mix 1 part of powder to 3 parts of water.
Packing : 20kg of 2 PE bags x 10kg net weight per carton.

Storage and Shelf life

Recommendations : Keep sealed in a cool (20 - 25ºC) place away from direct sunlight. This product is stable for one year.