Lime Powder Flavor GA1012

Physical Properties

Form : Spray-dried powder.
Colour : A white to slightly off-white powder.
Odour : Characteristic of Thai lime fruit juice.
Taste : Characteristic of Thai lime fruit juice.
Mesh Analysis : Minimum 99.0% through 20 mesh USS screen.

Label Properties

Food starch-modified, maltodextrin and lime oil concentrate.

Chemical Properties

Moisture : not more than 6%.

Microbiological Properties

Microbiological Note : Free of microbiologic concerns.

Other Properties

Application : Seasoning mixes, dipping sauce and all food related industries.
Dosage : 0.2 – 1% or as you require.
Packing : 20kg of 2 PE bags x 10kg net weight per carton.

Storage and Shelf life

Recommendations : Keep sealed in a cool (20 - 25ºC) place away from direct sunlight. This product is stable for one year.