Hickory Smoke Flavor 6042-OS


A clear yellow coloured liquid with a distinctive characteristic of Hickory Smoke flavour.

Specific Gravity at 25 ° C: 0.912 – 0.919


Hickory Smoke flavour 6042-OS is an oil soluble flavour which can be applied in pork, beef and other poultry products. This flavour not only highlights the individual meat taste and also enhances the overall product flavour.

It created a significant effect on escalating the flavor and taste of various applications. It is commonly used in sausages, meat pies, seasoning mixtures, sauces and marinates,

Generally, the recommended starting dosage for all the above-mentioned applications is at 0.1% w/w.

Legal Status

This flavour is compound from nature-identical aroma chemicals which are FEMA GRAS with soy bean oil as carrier.


This flavour is classified as nature-identical flavour for all countries.


Keep sealed in a cool place, away from direct sunlight. This flavour is stable for one year.


25kg plastic drum